Remotely control and automate door locks and garage doors and provide users and guests with their own personal codes. You will always know what’s happening at home and be in command with real-time alerts and remote control. You will receive notifications whenever activity is detected, know who is coming and going, and see who has armed or disarmed the system.

Set your lights and thermostats to adjust automatically when you leave for work or return home, or automatically monitor and control electrical devices so your home is always comfortable and using energy more efficiently.

The possibilities and capabilities are endless! For a more detailed, interactive overview please visit our sister site at MC2Sentry by clicking here.

Don’t settle for a one-size fits all system which uses "like-new" equipment! MC2 Sentry security and automation systems are custom-configured for your home and your lifestyle. Music and Cinema provides and installs only the best quality, new security and automation products, and is an authorized dealer for, simply the best, easiest to use mobile interface app between you and your connected home.

Music and Cinema's MC2 Sentry, your licensed and authorized security and home automation professionals, keep your home and loved ones protected and connected with professionally monitored smart home security, automation, and notifications. Even if the power is out, the phone lines and internet are down, or your panel is intentionally smashed you will always be connected to 24/7 emergency response.


Structured Wiring:

Today's necessities - fast computers, crystal-clear audio and video, plus a host of other applications - require high capacity wiring. A home with "future-proof' wiring means big rewards to you now and well into the future, and can be done in new or most existing homes. Some experts predict that homes not wired for technological advances risk becoming obsolete before their mortgages are paid off and may be over­looked in the resale market. In today's fast-evolving informa­tion revolution, having a home equipped to handle the latest technological advances can help you protect its value,

Shade Systems and Blinds: 

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  • Create a "lived-in” look when you aren't home by having your lights and TV's mimic your regular patterns.
  • Cameras allow you to monitor activity at your front door, or anywhere else in your home from your smart phone, device, or on your TV.
  • Home automation products can optimize energy management by sensing your living patterns and adapting thermostats, lighting, and appliances to optimize efficiency around you and your family.
  • "Intelligent home solutions offer enhanced productivity, energy               management, and peace of mind, all backed by the latest in technology from partners like On Q, RTI, Lutron, and

Home Automation:

Music and Cinema is an authorized dealer for leading home automation products such as RTI, Lutron,, and On Q structured wiring systems. 21st Century living calls for complete home networking sys­tems which allows you to integrate technology into your home. Connecting lighting, heating and air conditioning, security and surveillance systems, entertainment, and communications through easy to use stationary and mobile access points are all part of the smart home concept. Music and Cinema specializes in bringing all of the aspects of the smart connected home together so that you are truly the master of your domain. Whether it is simple control, which can be accomplished by popular mobile apps like, or complex, high performance systems which require structured wiring and control processors we are the pros who will make it happen for you. 

Looking for a night out at the movies without leaving the house?
The electronic experts at Music and Cinema can supply everything on your wish list. We deliver all the thrill of Hollywood right into your home. With the latest products and cutting-edge technology you'll get movie theater-quality picture and sound in your family room, bedroom, or a room dedicated solely to home theater.

As authorized dealers of only the best components in the electronics industry, you can choose from the latest in home entertainment. Our home theater product line includes the hottest breakthroughs in personal cinema: Home cinema electronics include full 3D projectors, 4K video, electric screens and hidden projectors; motorized light-blocking shades; digital audio/video and surround sound, including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. We also offer beautifully function­al custom cabinetry. For outdoor audiophiles who want the ultimate outdoor theater experience, we can custom install speakers disguised as rocks, water­falls, planters, and even coconuts.

Home Theater Systems


Security for the Connected Home:

While it's easy to get bogged down in technical jargon associated with structured wiring, it's more important to real­ize what it can do for you. Among the many capabilities, a structured wiring system:

  • Offers high-speed Internet access and fast downloading of graphics and video
  • Creates an intercom system that allows you to see and speak to someone ringing your doorbell, from your smart phone or smart device.
  • Lays the groundwork for your wireless network devices to perform at their best, regardless of where they are in your house.
  • Allows for "local area networks" within your home to link all the computers, smart TVs, and network devices in the home so they can share one printer, one modem, and can be controlled easily from anywhere.
  • Allows installation of a video camera surveillance system to watch a sleeping baby and see who is at the front door or in the back yard, all from your smart phone or device.

Music and Cinema provides the most cost effective quality solutions when it comes to shade and blind control. We are proud to offer Lutron and QMotion with fabrics to meet any application or decor'. Ambient light can be a perfect design element with a little sun management. Elegantly managing heat and glare from the sun can be accomplished with interior sun control fabrics. Blind and shade systems with light-filtering qualities diffuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat gain to make any room a more comfortable environment. Additionally our blind and shade control systems can help reduce energy costs within your home or business and help prolong the life of your furniture's fabrics by reducing or blocking damaging sun rays. All of our blind and shade systems can be automated by time, temperature, or be integrated right into your remote control. Music and Cinema will come to your home or business to qualify your shading and sun control needs and help you make the best decision to meet your style and budget. All systems are designed, provided, and installed by Music and Cinema.

Lighting Control:

Home lighting is often one of the most overlooked components for total home integration. A lighting system enables you to control the total mood of your home or cinema with the touch of a button, or incorporate lighting schedules for complete hands free operation. Lighting control is easily integrated into your audio video system to give you selected lighting scenes to correspond with your music or movement throughout your home. In addition to controlling energy costs, lighting systems offer the benefit of controlling your lights in any part of the home, from any part of the home, or any part of the world.