Audio/Video Accessories and Apple Integration:

Music and Cinema understands that some people may just want to perform their own installations and simply need the parts and accessories. We offer everything for the "do it yourselfer" such as TV and projector brackets, HDMI cables, audio video interconnects, speaker wire, I Pod / I Phone / I Pad plug in adaptors and docking stations. A full assortment of wireless senders and receivers are also available for everything from full wireless HD audio video signals, VGA senders, and radio frequency remote controls. We have access to almost any product solution regardless of scope or vision! Music and Cinema specializes in Apple integration and can show you how to take full advantage of your smart devices. Come visit us at our Palm Harbor location and let us help you plan your next installation!

Home audio video equipment can be anything from a simple CD player to a complex 3D video projection system. In today's content driven field of electronics it is becoming increasingly difficult for a consumer to make heads or tails of what products are right for them, and just as important is understanding the full potential and limitations of their electronics. Most manufacturers have proprietary products or software that make integrating one with another extremely challenging. Music and Cinema has over 60 years of combined experience, countless hours of training, and multiple certifications to help you find just the right equipment that will perform well with other equipment. Call today to speak with a systems engineer and discover the options a true industry professional can provide you with!

Home Audio Video Equipment:



Visit Music and Cinema to discover the "True Origin of Sound". We offer a variety of different speaker manufactures to please the ears and application. Speakers are a very personal experience as everyone hears differently and each room has it's own acoustic properties of sound. Although we carry many brands, our experience has told us that few speaker manufactures offer the broad range that Bowers & Wilkins can provide in performance regardless of budget or aesthetics. Let the experts at Music and Cinema guide you through the almost endless options of loudspeakers and subwoofers to match your room, system components, price and expectations to the perfect speaker for you!

Enjoy the advantages of surveillance systems for home and business. Combine ease of use with the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your most important investments are viewable at the touch of a finger from your smartphone or device. Keep an eye on your home, family, or business with a complete DVR surveillance system installed by the best in the business, Music and Cinema of Palm Harbor. Everybody's need are unique, so whether you need 1080p, SDI, IP, or AHD we will help you to discover what works best for you. All of our packages include 4G and PC remote viewing, night vision and high resolution weather proof cameras, security certified hard disk, high quality live and recorded video playback, back up USB port, complete professional installation and set-up, and a comprehensive show and tell.

The foundation for total home automation starts with a complete active structured wiring system. Automation products and system controllers rely on infrastructure, bandwidth, and system feedback. With the right wiring and system components a home will virtually run all of it's systems without any instruction from a user, and will also provide you with the best performance from any wireless devices which are incorporated into your system. True smart homes function based on your lifestyle and your movement throughout the home. Home automation will allow you to be connected to every aspect of your home's audio video systems, HVAC, security, lighting, communications, and will even close your garage door while you are sitting in bed. When you get home after a long day at work your home will know to adjust the temperature, turn on the lights, start the hot tub, and put on your favorite music, all activated by timers, motion, the simple touch of a button on your smart phone, or even geofencing. There are no limits and Music and Cinema can design, engineer, supply, and install the best products in the industry to bring your automation dreams to fruition.

Structured Wiring And Home Automation:

TV'S and Projectors:

Complete DVR Surveillance Systems

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All Televisions are not created equal! Today's technology provides features and quality differences that are confusing to say the least. The TV of today will offer options such as streaming your movies and videos directly from content providers such as Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Cinema Now, and You Tube to name a few. Other options include but are not limited to surfing the internet or simply sharing family photos directly from your personal computers in the home. You may want to video conference with family, friends, or even business associates. Music and Cinema will help you choose the right TV for the right application. Each technology, whether it be LCD, LED, 3D, OLED, or 4K TV, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every one of the options should be considered based on its use and location within the home or office. We will help you understand the different technologies and how they apply to your lifestyle, budget, and quality expectations. Don't let the new technologies deter you from taking advantage of all of these great benefits, because we make it as easy as the push of a button!